Our Candidate

“The Green Party offers a true alternative to politics as usual and Robert is a fearless advocate of giving local people a local voice.”

Robert Pass grew up in Whittington and attended King Edward VI School in Lichfield before going on to study Philosophy at the University of Birmingham.


He has been an environmental campaigner with Birmingham Friends of the Earth for around five years, being Campaigns Coordinator for the last two years. He has juggled this commitment with his role as a director in the local family business, Fortress Recycling.


Robert Pass said that he will “fight for an economy that puts the long-term health of the living, life-supporting Earth before short-term profits for the few. I believe politicians have become far too close to the vested interests of corporate elites.”


“For many years now the establishment parties have offered us an illusion of choice. The root cause of many of the huge problems we face, from the growing inequality in our society, to the tax avoidance of the super-rich, to the lack of action on climate change can be traced to the current economic model, which is never questioned. The insane premiss of infinite growth on a finite planet cannot continue if we want a habitable, fair and healthy society for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.”


“We need a brave and bold government to invest in public services and green job creation in order to make the transition to a sustainable economy. We can see increased powers for local people, increased transparency in our public institutions and tackle the vested interests that have corrupted our politics.”


Robert Pass said “I’m proud to stand as Green Party candidate in my hometown for an economy that functions in the interests of the common good, for a society that is fair and democratic and a planet that is habitable for future generations.”



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